For a Tranquil Day on the Beach, Head to Menorca’s Santo Tomas

Menorca is an enchanting Balearic Islands. People visit here to spend summer vacations with their family or friends. The island is popular for its golden sand beaches. There are many beaches in Menorca that are worth visiting and perfect for enjoying beach holidays. One such beach is Santo Tomas.

The beach got its name from the nearby town. It is a small coastal town located on the southern side of Menorca. The town is known for many beaches where people enjoy sunbathing. It is an ideal place to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the summers. Santo Tomas is also suitable for people who visit Menorca in the winter. The temperature is mild in the winters and many apartments, holiday homes, and villas are available for rent. The town offers numerous activities to enjoy. You can enjoy horse riding, golf, and tennis. Everyone will find something to enjoy.

The capital city of Menorca, Mahon is only half an hour’s drive. You can visit here to enjoy the Spanish culture and traditions. You can spend a day here to visit the beautiful coves on the edge of the island. You can capture beautiful moments in the camera. There are music bars where you can enjoy soothing music while enjoying a cocktail with your family. You can learn about the history of the town at the Torres d’en Galmes. This is an ancient archaeological site on the Balearic Island. It is only a twenty-minute drive from Santo Tomas to visit the ruins.

You can also walk through the beautiful promenade in Santo Tomas and can enjoy a cocktail. There is a lively resort of Son Bou which is half an hour’s drive from the town. The resort offers many activities for kids and adults to enjoy. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the best restaurants. The restaurants offer different cuisines to satisfy the taste buds of their customers.

Santo Tomas is a perfect vacation spot where you can enjoy beautiful surroundings. It is a peaceful holiday destination. The town offers natural scenes with pine-covered hillside backdrop and pristine countryside on either side. There is a single road and most of the time, tourists visit here to enjoy their time. There are two important beaches separated by a headland namely Playa Santo Tomas and Playa San Adeodato. The first beach is on the eastern side and is deep with the extensive dune system. The other beach is on the western side and is long and less deep. You can also enjoy water sports on the beaches. You can hire paddleboards, canoes, and pedalos to take part in water sports. You can also book an organized canoe excursion. There is an office behind the shops where you can book your excursion. Santo Tomas is an ideal place to enjoy a lively scene in the tranquil atmosphere with your family and friends. It is the best place to visit on the beautiful island in the summers to beat the heat of the sun.

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