Exploring Four Lesser-Known and Must-See Sights of Barcelona

Barcelona is popular for La Rambla, Parc Guell, and football. But, if you are planning to visit Barcelona, there are many things that you can do and see. There are many sights in Barcelona that are worth exploring. You can have a new experience by visiting the lesser-known sites in Barcelona. If you want to enjoy the peace and escape the crowd, you must visit the lesser-known areas to enjoy a memorable vacation. In this article, you can learn about the lesser-known and must-see sights of Barcelona that you can explore with your friends or family members.

There are endless possibilities in Barcelona. You can start with a sunset drink on a beautiful terrace and enjoy the sand at a beautiful beachside. You can take your pick from old school taverns that are beautifully decorated. Barcelona has so much to offer but you can pick these spots to experience an unforgettable time.

Parch Del Laberint D’Horta

It is a beautiful park and is not known to the public. It is one of the best places where you can enjoy a picnic with your friends or family. It is also a place to relax and unwind. The park is also used for shooting of popular movies. There is a beautiful fourteenth-century house in the park, a waterfall, and paths to stroll around. You can visit the park with your children and can spend a day enjoying the park.

Placa Sant Felip Neri

It is a wonderful and lesser-known square. This part of Barcelona has also been used in several movies for doing the shooting. This part has a dark history. Franco’s execution squads were executing school children at this site. Bomb traces can still be seen dating from the civil war. But, if you visit this place, you will love it as the place has a great ambiance. There is a small café to relax and admire the gothic architecture.

Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

This is the best site in Barcelona to enjoy Gaudi architecture. It is a less crowded place. It is a hospital but you can visit here to see the beautiful architecture. You will enjoy watching the beautiful domes, facades, sculptures, and stained glass windows. You can enter the building through one of the pavilions and can view the interiors exactly it was designed at the beginning of the 20th century. Go down the tunnels to know about the medical practices in Barcelona at that time.

Bunkers Del Carmen Lookout

It is a beautiful place and far away from the crowds. It is popular among tourists. You can enjoy a 360 view of Barcelona from the bunkers at sunset. Bunkers were originally built as anti-craft fortifications during the Spanish civil war. The place is perfect for its beautiful view. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city. It is worth taking your camera and enjoys the sunset.

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Three Most Popular Sites of Santiago De Compostela in Galicia

Galicia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain to enjoy Spanish food and culture. It is situated in the northwest area of Spain. Most people visit Galicia for visiting Santiago de Compostela that has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is a pilgrimage site as well and people visit the Cathedral where the tomb of the apostle James the Greater is kept in the underground mausoleum from Roman times. You will have an unforgettable experience by visiting this cathedral as you can view the beautiful architecture.

Santiago de Compostela is the most popular destination in Galicia and it is one of the most popular pilgrimage centers. Galicia is also known as the land of witches and many popular sites are worth visiting. The weather is comfortable throughout the year and therefore, you can visit during any time of the year. Some of the most popular sites of Santiago de Compostela are listed here that are worth visiting if you plan your vacations for Galicia.

Praza das Praterias

It is a wonderful place and one must visit this place. This is a home to a beautiful fountain and is situated below the south façade of the town’s magnificent cathedral. The fountain was built in 1825 and is one of the best spots where you can click photographs with your friends or family members.

Mosteiro de San Martino Pinario

It is another important site to visit in Santiago de Compostela. It is a huge baroque monastery that casts a huge shadow over the Praza de Inmaculada square. Some of the parts of the monastery are not open to the public but you will still enjoy it. There is a church that is beautifully decorated and people can visit here. At the center of the church, there is an ornate altarpiece adorned with carved flowers, plants, and saints. If you go upstairs at the east of the church, there is a seventeenth-century Coro Ligneo, another set of choir stalls that is originally situated in Santiago Cathedral. It was the second biggest monastery in Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries. There are two cloisters in the monastery: the offices and the gatekeeper’s house. The main door of the monastery is made up of four large Doric columns and above it, there is a niche bearing the image of San Benedicto.

Museo da Cathedral

It is also an important site to visit in the town. The museum is spread over four floors and there is a large collection of religious art and a room is devoted to the tapestries woven from designs by Goya. Another important feature of the monastery is the cathedral’s 16th-century Gothic cloister. The museum also features interesting and temporary exhibitions in the Paza de Xelmirex, the 12th-century bishop’s palace adjoining the north side of the cathedral. The Pazo’s banquet hall is decorated with exquisite little wall busts depicting musicians, bakers, feasters, kings, and jugglers.

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